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Dramatherapy Testimonials

Teacher Special Needs School London

The weekly Drama Therapy session has really helped students in the group as they are now more willing to take turns with their peers and listen to simple intructions and respond. They have started to develop imitating skills by coping simple actions and are beginning to engage and interact with staff more without the staff initating interaction. Students are starting to focus on objects they are holding and will look at things before passing them. Since having weekly Drama Therapy sessions the students have developed significant skills that they are using throughout the school day.


Dramatherapist - Kerry McClelland MA

I have worked with Rebecca, as a Dramatherapist, for 7 years. We work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, liaising with parents, teachers and other professionals. We work as co-facilitators, providing group Dramatherapy for vulnerable children and adolescents with a variety of special needs and emotional and behavioural difficulties. I have always found Rebecca to be supportive, reliable and extremely professional. She is creative, imaginative and a positive person to know and work along side.


Teacher Special Needs School London

As a staff team, we feel that the interactions amongst the students have developed greatly. The students do not rely as much on the adults to initiate and maintain aspects of communication, interacting, turn taking and listening to each other. This is now carried out on a more student led basis. They are taking more of an initiator role and leading the development of activities themselves.

In terms of knowledge of emotions, this has worked on 2 levels, firstly, via the activities that have been carried out; some of the students have developed their self-confidence, allowing themselves to be more involved in class activities as well as larger group activities and clubs. Secondly, via carrying out activities that have allowed emotions to be explored, these skills have been able to be transferred into real life situations and supporting the students in working through situations that may be difficult for them.