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Dramatherapy & Children with Learning Difficulties

I have found the use of dramatherapy to be beneficial for one to one and group sessions, for people with Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD) and Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.

The aims are to offer space where people with SLD, PMLD and behavioural and communication difficulties can feel valued and interact together through dramatherapy.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To build trust and a therapeutic relationship.
  • To encourage the individuals awareness of each other through games and play
  • To support the development and use of social skills such as listening and turn taking.
  • To encourage and support working as a group and interacting with each other and build on one to one relationships
  • To support awareness of others through movement with touch and to enhance playful interaction.

Themes Explored:

  • Sense of self and others
  • Communication through eye contact and staff relationship
  • Friendship
  • Connectedness
  • Working with others
  • Play
  • Social skills
  • Emotions through story
  • Ritual and familiar songs
  • Endings